Video Surrogate Browsing Interface for Public Display System


Surrogates are commonly used as a means to describe an object. Popular search engines generally present a title, URL and brief description such objects. Existing digital video libraries still require users to download or stream entire videos in order to understand contents in the video. As public displays become increasingly prevalent in public spaces, content providers must utilize convey information in a short period of time to passersby since the user can only grasp a small percentage of total information from the display. Fast forward video surrogates is a technique that fast forwards a video at certain speeds in an attempt to further user’s understanding of the video and thereby make rapid accurate decisions in a short period of time before perhaps exploring further. In other environments, this technique helps save time, bandwidth and increase the user’s satisfaction. While this technique has proven to be effective for web digital video libraries, it has yet to be implemented and tested on public displays. This paper focuses on the implementation approach and evaluation of a fast forward video surrogate browsing interface for public display systems.

Authors: Kelvin Yeo Hui Keat, Dr Mike Ong Teong Joo and Terence Le Grange

Published: CACS 2010 (accepted)

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