Trivia Night Software

I’m working on a new trivia app which is a little different to those out there. It has the following basic features:

  1. It is all mobile friendly – while it works in your standard desktop browser, it will look and feel like a mobile app. It works well on iPhones, iPads and Android devices since the underlying technology is jQuery.
  2. It’s web based – no there’s no app yet in the App Store or Google play, however that might change. Watch this space.
  3. You provide your own quiz questions which at this time are text based and can be either multiple choice or a single answer (with up to 5 variants)
  4. Each question has a single right answer
  5. Each question can be awarded points, from 1-100
  6. Questions belong to a trivia section, which you can create, for example, “general knowledge”
  7. Trivia’s can be public or private, if private you need to provide a code to them
  8. You can choose to open questions one at a time. Once you open a question, they appear on the players devices
  9. Each trivia section has a leader board – where you can view who has the most points
  10. There is a overall hall of fame, including a large screen display which automatically refreshes on a regular basis.
  11. Players participate by logging on to the URL

This trivia software is good for:

  1. Trivia nights where you have pre-prepared sections and questions
  2. You have groups of users with mobile devices and an internet connection on each
  3. Questions are multiple choice or single answers (and the single answers are easy to spell and there’s little ambiguity)
  4. You want an individual leaderboard for each trivia section and an overall hall of fame
  5. Times when you don’t have any IT hardware, but if you wanted to use some of the features such as the big screen leader board and questions & answers, then a projector and PC is good

There are still a few issues I’m working on at the moment, leave any feedback / comments below.icon_256

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