The Christmas Express – hopes dashed by Monash Council

It is with regret and a tear in my eye that I’ll be closing this idea down. For now that is. I’ll be back in a few years with renewed energy and fight.


My links have been taken down, but this was the dream:


Hello everyone,

As a kid I always loved trains. There’s something about them that’s special. And with my passion for trains, I’d love to give that experience to other kids during the festive season and donate money raised to local and international charities.

My aim is to fund the purchase of a mini train set, and have it run over the Christmas period in a park near our house. The community is all on board, and everyone will be playing their part in decorating various parts of the small park with various Christmas related lights. The train track will run through this wonderland, giving kids an experience that I am hoping they will never forget.

But let me not forget what I really hope to achieve – donations from visitors will be collected and distributed to various charities in my area and back in my home country, South Africa.


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