Sculptor Galaxy Take 2

Tonight I managed my first round of deep sky object imaging with PHD2 guiding successfully. I managed 15 frames of 30s taken in mono (I don’t yet have RGB or narrowband  filters for my Hyperstar lens). Taken from my backyard in Melbourne, this is the Sculptor Galaxy again. There’s more detail and some evidence of the dust patterns in this one.

Processing: 30x15s mono

Camera: ZWO ASI 1600mm-cooled

Telescope: Celestron 9.25″ EdgeHD with Hyperstar lens

Tracking: PHD2

Capture: Sequence Generator Pro

Stacking: Deep Sky Stacker

Auto levels in photoshop with some exposure tweaks.

I’ve yet to learn darks, flats or any genuine post processing. All in time I suppose!


Sculptor Galaxy

Sculptor Galaxy

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