Home Made GoKart with Steering Wheel

Here is my first attempt at a vertical steering wheel go kart.

Axel purchased from Bunnings. Body sits on a flat piece of chip board. Fairly heavy duty.

IMG 0882

This was the challenging part. I used a long bolt for the upright. Notice the wheels are lowered to avoid hitting the bottom of the cart.

IMG 0880

The steering wheel uses a lock nut. On version 3, I will remove the washer and chisel grooves for the nut to sit in the wood. At present it turns with heavy use. What I really need is a washer that has spikes to hold the wood.

IMG 0883


IMG 0876

Two bolts prevent slippage. Make sure these are tight.

IMG 0877

Extra bolts required because the wheels were too high.

IMG 0878

The finished product. I just screwed a chair on the top and voila. A DIY home made go kart with steering wheel!

IMG 0874

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