First attempt at a hologram using an iPhone and iPad

I followed some simple instructions on how to make a hologram on my phone. I followed one of these videos

I put up a video here :

I used standard 2mm perspex from my local art shop. The dimensions of each triangle leave a 1cm squared hole at the bottom – which means it’s more suited to a larger display, like an iPad. You can make this smaller, but the likelihood of it free standing is less. If you make it a perfect triangle, then you need a stand.

Note that the triangles are not equal in size, given you’re going to have to glue them, you want to have an extra 2mm on each opposite side to account for this.

Sticking them together was the challenge. I used sticky tape to hold the structure in an inverted pyramid, then applied glue at the top and waited for it to drop down the sides.


And created this


Before that, I just used some plastic from around the house to make a temporary one.


For anyone trying this, make sure your edges are straight and plastic as clear as possible

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