Final Year Software Engineering Project Ideas

In the mid 2000’s I started a cool list of software projects for a group of students I taught. Things that might not have been innovative enough to win a nobel award, but were of interest to me and would challenge someone enough prove software engineering interested them.

Here are some of those:

Image recognition – being able to recognise an image and the contents of it. Think of uses for copyright. Google’s done some cool stuff lately.

Way finding – simple way finding that I did over 10 years ago. I had this idea about putting up directions in malls on my ODISS (Open Digital Signage Software) solution.

Fantasy soccer- back in Malaysia I created two versions of fantasy football, in 2002 (using classic and then in 2006 for fun in PHP). It was known as the Virtual Team Manager 2006. I’m slowly recreating the code. Would be great to have contributions to this on github.

Realtime translation app – using Google chat, I created something that allows you to enter a chatroom and chat in your language. All other chats in whatever language are translated to your selected language. Now Skype has this built in.

More to follow

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