Deep Sky Object Sizes in Perspective

I wondered how all the deep sky objects I’ve photographed compare in size relative to each other. So here goes something different. Each image was taken with the same focal length, 540mm at f/2.3 with a 16megapixel camera. That’s 4656X3520 pixels. I’ve reduced each one to 20% to fit them on the same 16MP canvas.

In this image you’ll find:

  1. The Flame Nebula
  2. Orion Nebula (M42)
  3. 47 Tuc
  4. NGC 5128
  5. Sculptor Galaxy
  6. Grus Quartet
  7. Horsehead Nebula
  8. Southern Whirlpool Galaxy
  9. ETA Carina
  10. Leo Triplet
  11. Sombrero Galaxy
  12. NGC 4945
  13. Pleides
  14. Rosette Nebula


Download the full image here.



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