10,000 foot view of various Service Status Software

Analysis on some open source service status projects I’ve stumbled upon over time:


  1. Really nice looking interface, easy to understand
  2. Good use of graphs
  3. Good list of customers
  4. Using PHP which makes it really portable


  1. Very nice interface
  2. Lacks some graphical displays
  3. Runs on Google app engine
  4. API is restful


  1. Beautiful UI
  2. Interactive
  3. Contains probably more than you’d need for service status


  1. Really like the UI
  2. Limited functionality


  1. I don’t think it’s truly open source
  2. Good graphs
  3. Nice response rate data


  1. Nice layout
  2. Integration to incidents is good
  3. Ability to scroll over time is a cool feature
  4. A bit of a cluttered interface


  1. I love the global map
  2. Simple clean interface
  3. Single icon on status is cool
  4. Refresh ability is really nice


  1. Simple and clean


  1. A very different interface
  2. Good production and non-prod breakdown
  3. Good history

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