Comparison of Trivia Night Software

Here’s a comparison of trivia night software I’ve come across when building my own. These are not a full comparison, but to help you make a decision about what you want in a trivia night software.

The closest and best is probably tapAquiz, which I really like. It’s different to what I’ve created, but you probably want to check it out. The UI is nice, but a little inconsistent, and I found it rather difficult to use.

Category My Trivia Software QuizXpress PubQuizPro 3streetstrivia tapAquiz
Free Yes No No No No – purchase credits
Mobile Friendly Yes No No No Yes
Create your own questions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
All online Yes No No No Yes
Requires a mobile app No No No No Yes
Multi-online players Yes No No No Yes
Open questions electronically & individually Yes No No No Yes
Big screen support Yes No No No Yes / partial
Video / graphics supported No* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Buzzer Devices No Yes Yes Yes No
Questions available for use No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Other software out there:

* future feature

Note, this information was sourced from their websites, most of which are confusing, however I might have gotten some wrong. If you notice any errors please let me know. My objective is to provide an unbiased view.

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