Bus tracking using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and 3G networks


Indeterminate bus arrival times cause poor quality of service to public commuters in the Bandar Sunway area. An innovative solution to use real-time GPS data over broadband has been developed in order to solve this problem. Historical data is used to determine the estimated arrival time, taking into consideration traffic conditions based on the time of day, and weather conditions. These are taken into consideration due to the impact on road traffic and subsequently the arrival times of public transport. Integration with external weather services provides this data in real-time. The framework developed to solve this problem assists commuters in decision-making using an interactive public display system and is publicly available through an open framework of web services. The results of this research indicate a substantial improvement in estimating arrival times using the methods highlighted.

Authors: Mr. Daniel L., Mr. Terence L. G., Mr. Lyon L., Dr. Mike O. T. J.

Published in ISBC 2010, Malaysia

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