Aurora Information on Telegram

I spent a couple of nights building a chat bot on the Telegram platform to solve a few problems:

  1. I want to know each day what the highest KP value is for the next 3 days by receiving a push notification. KP is the measure of how strong the solar winds are expected to be. See this amazing site – Aurora Service for more information. Essentially I’m looking for Aurora KP values of 6 and above because I live in Melbourne
  2. I want to be able to get a summary of the upcoming aurora for the next few hours, day and the maximum
  3. I’d like to introduce my other features from my Google Home app.

So how does it work?

Step 1 – download Telegram for free for your phone or use the web app

Step 2 – search for the AuroraAustralis bot

Step 3 – click the start button

Step 4 – type one of the following words:

max – get the max KP in the next 3 days

best – get when the best KP will be in hours (e.g. 3 hours time)

lastupdate – when last the data was updated. This typically happens every 3 hours

now – what is the KP right now

6best – is there any KP with 6 or more expected

summary – get a summary of the upcoming days


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