The GenusProject is a little hobby I’ve been working on for years. It’s morphed from one thing to another. Initially I produced the Leave Application Management System on SourceForce. Then I moved it to Google Code and called it GenusProject

I added a whole host of modules onto it, these included:

  • Project Management
  • Open Source Digital Signage (ODISS) – my PHD work
  • Document Management
  • Simple Stationary Request System
  • Realtime Translation Chat Engine
  • And many more

I’m slowly getting them back online in a usable format. For now you can download the old code at the above addresses. The Google one has the latest code, SourceForge got too complex to manage which is why I used Google. Now I’m using my own site as it’s easier to maintain for the simple stuff I need.

There are forums which you can use to discuss or request new features.

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