Hi, The GenusProject is a little hobby I’ve been working on for years. It’s morphed from one thing to another. Initially I produced the Leave Application Management System on SourceForce. Then I moved it to Google Code and called it GenusProject I added a whole host of modules onto it, these included: Project Management Open Source Digital Signage (ODISS) – my PHD work Document Management Simple Stationary Request System Realtime Translation Chat Engine And many more I’m slowly getting them

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A little intelligence

Some years ago I worked on a little project based on AIML – the artificial intelligence modelling language. Primitive at best, it was an interesting piece of work that allows you to have a simple conversation with a computer. If anyone would like a copy of the code, do let me know. I programmed the little guy up based on AIML and a few bits of pieces from the web. A little conversation goes like this:   You asked: hello

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