OzLotto Statistics

A long time ago I created a site for fun – betterlotterynumbers.com

I’ve now migrated the code to my site: http://terencelegrange.com/lottery/

Here you can search for the following charts. Clicking on the link will take you to a pre-generated image.

The sum of numbers – how often do all the numbers drawn add up to say, 150?

Sum of numbers by zones – if you add up all the numbers in each draw, you’ll find the highest occuring totals will be in the middle, around the 158 mark. For example, why should you NOT choose numbers that add up to less than 56? Because it’s never happened!

Frequency of numbers – which number in the lottery draw occurs most frequently?

Recency of numbers  – when last did the number 21 last appear?

Numbers difference – what’s the difference between the highest and lowest? For example,  The difference between the highest and lowest has most often been 35.


NOTE: past prediction is not necessarily an indication of future performance. These are statistics, use them at your own risk or enjoyment.

Note: If the charts are not up todate – run them here:


and then



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