Runningsheet -a brief hobby

A year ago I spend 6 months building an online running sheet – ideal for coordinating events with features like: 1. How ahead or behind in the event are we 2. What is the next task 3. What’s currently in progress 4. Emailing the next person or everyone to alert them to kick start their event 5. Ensuring tasks have dependencies and can’t be complete before the previous completes If anyone’s ever interested in resurrecting it do drop me a

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Real-time content translation framework for interactive public display systems

Abstract Traditional public display systems have yet to reach their full potential when providing content to a variety of users from a diverse backgrounds, most notably, those able to understand a language other than that of the public display system in front of them. In this paper we propose a framework for content translation on public display systems. This system allows users to request for an application using their mobile device, and subsequently be loaded on to a display with

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