Camping equipment – Coleman Instant NorthStar 10P review

I bought the Coleman Instand NorthStar 10P from ebay (thanks obacs!) as I wasn’t prepared to pay the absurd prices of Harvey Norman or others. At less than $575, which isn’t cheap, it was way better than $899.

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  1. Good quality build
  2. Sturdy even in strong winds
  3. Easy setup, literally in minutes. The pegs and fly sheet take longer, expect 20-30 minutes in total
  4. Take down is fast too – a few minutes once you have the fly and pegs removed
  5. Very warm – the material and build keep the wind out, unlike other tents I’ve seen
  6. Lots of compartments – from hanging lights in each compartment, to keeping your phone and wallets secured
  7. Spacious – 3 rooms are big, enough for 3 kids in a single room
  8. 4 doors provide lots of entry and exit points
  9. Good ventilation – love the ground level ventilation flaps
  10. Nice canopy – which looks alot better in real life than the pictures
  11. Zip for electric cables keeps bugs out
  12. Solid ground sheet – not the thin stuff other tents are made of


  1. Very big and bulky (Barely fits in my car boot at an angle)
  2. Did I mention it’s heavy? 32kg is no joke
  3. It’s difficult to put the fly on with one person. In the wind, forget about it. The height is what makes it tough
  4. The pegs it comes with are pathetic. Coleman – provide some decent pegs please
  5. The canopy centre tends to drop down a little – a horizontal pole where you enter would have been great

Overall – no complaints. I love this tent despite it’s size and weight. Here are some pics in the garden:

IMG_5504 IMG_5506 IMG_5500 IMG_5501 IMG_5502 IMG_5503



  • Gav

    Hi thanks for taking the time to review. Just wondering if you had any comments on the tent now time has passed a bit..? Also, what kind of features inside apart from the ventilation – any hooks for hanging lights etc..?

    • Alys

      There are no light hooks. Plenty of pockets though.

      • admin

        There are two in each cabin on the side – half way up. There’s also the hook where you pull down the poles to secure them, which I tend to use.

    • admin

      I’ve used it about 7-8 times now, probably around 20 days in all. I have a few gripes, but overall still very happy with it:
      1. I’ve had to replace all the pegs – they’re cheap and bend easily especially in hard soil. I found the Aldi pegs to be incredible for the price. Bunnings ones bent and are expensive.
      2. Water tends to gather on the front awning. This last trip the entire front sagged incredibly after a huge storm. I had to release probably 100+ litres. If there was a cross pole to keep the centre awning higher than the others that would be great. If you’re on a downward slope it’s a bit worse.

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  • Alys

    I have this tent and after using it on three occasions, it has just about died. I’m not sure I should bother purchasing replacement pieces. All my poles would twist and the elbows on two pieces have perished. I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. I can only find reviews after a first use. The fly whilst difficult to get on, is magnificent and does all it claims, keeping wind and water out. Feeling very disappointed with the instant up mechanisms.

    • admin

      Yes I’ve found the poles can get twisted, and you have to be careful when setting it up. I imagine some force would break a pole and that would be it – they don’t look easily replaceable. Having said that, I have used it multiple times and it’s still in excellent condition. Compared to friends with other cheaper tents, this stands out in terms of setup time, durability and wind resistance. I do use storm ropes during strong winds – where I’ve had a gazebo ripped apart, but the tent withstood it without a problem.

    • Jblack

      We have also had multiple poles perish at the joint which does not allow for reliability. We spent one trip with one duct taped. The replacement poles were also longer than the originals putting extra strain across tent joins. We have had enough and just chucked ours going back to our Oztrail breezeway 15 mins more in setup but have never had a problem with it.

      • Jo

        Mine withstood heavy winds but the fly took a beating, patches of light came through the blackout part of the fly.
        Jblack, may I know where you got your replacement poles from cause my seemed abit bent after the winds.
        Anyone knows where we can buy a replacement fly too?


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