Aurora Voice App

Welcome to my Aurora Voice App page

How does the app work?

The app connects to the ACE spacecraft data store to download 36 hours of data that predicts solar winds. This is represented in KP values. You talk to a Google Home device, and it tries to find out what you’ve asked and prepares an answer.

What commands can I use?

To start the app, you’d use something like

Okay Google, talk to Aurora App

Hello Google, talk to Aurora App

Supported commands include:

  1. What is the KP right now
  2. What is the max KP in the next 3 days
  3. When will the KP be over 6
  4. When is the next best KP?
  5. When was the last update?
  6. What is an aurora
  7. What causes an aurora
  8. Help or how does this app work
  9. Give me a summary



What is the name of the app? Is it “Aurora App”?

I haven’t decided yet. I don’t want to use names already used by other people if I can help it. Send me a suggestion!

Is this app live?

No, I’m still working on it

Do you have an ETA?

No, not at this stage

Will the app be free?

Yes, I have no intention to make money from this app

How long will you continue to support it?

It depends on the usage and cost. If people use it, I’ll continue to support it. If somehow the costs become too much I may no longer be able to afford supporting it. It’s pretty much free if I don’t get more than about 50,000 requests per month based on AWS pricing.

Does it only work on Google Home?

Yes until Amazon arrives in Australia, that all I’ve got to work with.

How can I contribute?

Drop me an email or contact me on Facebook.